Get your kids riding to the next level.

Our certified coaches host multiple (non-residential) week long skills camps in Whitehorse for 7 -9 and 10-14 year old’s. We also offer upon request camps for riders 14+, advanced riders and athlete development camps for riders looking to take their riding to the competition level.

PURE MTB Camps are as the name suggests, 4 or 5 days of straight up mountain biking; focusing heavily on skill development to be safer and faster riders on the trails. Suitable for 10- age groups. Suitable for beginner and Intermediate/progressing to advanced mountain bike riders, riders will be separated into ability and age based groups for optimal coaching and ride time.

Pedal & Paddle Camps are also for beginner and intermediate riders but 5 days long with a midweek canoeing day to mix things up a little and also to preserve the leg muscles so riders can enjoy a full week of activity.

Outdoor PEDucation Camps combine mountain bike skills coaching with outdoor education. Your 7-9 year old’s will as gain some sweet skills on two wheels while learning some essential wilderness survival skills and learning about the Whitehorse area geography and wildlife.

Intermediate/Advanced Skills Camps Our 2 day camps are aimed at those young riders who want to refine their skills further with a view to competitive mountain biking or just getting their skills to a higher, faster and safer level. One day in Whitehorse and 1 day in Carcross.

Summer 2019 Whitehorse Kids Camp Schedule

If a camp is full we can add you to a waiting listin the event of a cancellation:

June 17th -20th: Ages 10-16, 4 Day PURE MTB Bike Camp **FULL** June 19th-20th: Ages 11+ 2 Day intermediate/advanced skills camp **SPACES AVAILABLE** June 24th-28th: Ages 10-16, 5 Day Pedal & Paddle Bike Camp **FULL**

July 2nd-5th: Ages 7-9, 4 Day Bike and Outdoor PEDucation Camp **FULL** July 8th-12th: Ages 7-9, 5 Day Bike and Outdoor PEDucation Camp **FULL** July 25th-26th: Ages 11+, 2 Day Intermediate/Advanced Skills Camp **Spaces Available** July 29th-Aug 2nd: Ages 10-16, 5 Day Pedal & Paddle Camp ** FULL**

August 5th-9th: Ages 10-16, 5 Day PURE MTB Camp **SPACES AVAILABLE** August 12th-16th: Ages 7-9, 5 Day Bike and Outdoor PEDucation Camp **FULL**

Advanced Rider camps and ages 16+ are available on request.



$300 for a full 5 day week 8:45 - 4:00

$265 for a 4 day long weekend week.

$150 for 2 day Inter/Advanced

Meeting point is Mount Mac Bike Park, transport at end of day to downtown Whitehorse can be arranged.

What they need.

They will need their own bike with two working brakes and a fully functioning drivetrain along with a well-fitting, good quality helmet. Although optional, we strongly recommend knee and elbow pads as even a minor injury to these areas can take them off the bike for a day or two.

Skills expectations:

Beginner: Have basic experience with mountain biking or road cycling, should be able to ride standing up while rolling and pedaling. Expect to learn the fundamental skills of bike control while beginning to apply them to the trail.

Intermediate: Already a confident rider, able to ride single track trails up to an easy blue level. Expect to take your fundamental skills to a higher level while beginning to tackle high speed cornering and getting your wheels off the ground with small drops and jumps.

Advanced: Confident riding blue trails at speed, high speed cornering, small jumps and drops are no problem. Expect to bring your riding to a point where you are ready to tackle single black trails and refining your cornering and jumping skills using trails, park jumps and pump tracks.


"I would highly recommend"

An accurate measure of a great camp is when your kids are wanting some more and wished that it lasted longer!

Dan was a great instructor, my son left his first camp with more confidence and some valuable skills. He had tons of fun and it wasn't a struggle to get him up on his summer vacation to go, he really looked forward to participating and exploring new trails and developing skills.

I would highly recommend Terra Riders to anyone who wants to round out their mountain biking skills.


"Very organized and professional"

My son just had an amazing week of skills and confidence building with Dan.
Terra Riders is very organized and professional and gives riders a variety of terrain to practice on and most of all to have a fun and positive mountain biking experience. 
I highly recommend this camp.


"My kid grew and changed, we're gonna do it again"

My kid whined about going , said it was punishment, we planned it that way...
But what happened was, he tried, he opened up a bit, he started riding his bike, getting up early to ride in the cool of the day, eating, noticing the difference between a stick to your ribs breakie and the quick fix, how important water is and how close cool trails are in town....
My kid grew and changed, we're gonna do it again.