Terra Riders exists to help young people realise their potential on and off the bike. Our aim is to do this by offering high quality skills coaching, bike camps and tours to visitors and locals that will be remembered for a lifetime, while sewing the profits back into our youth outreach programs.

Every lesson, tour, trip or camp you book with us goes towards subsidising a skills lesson or camp for a young person in Whitehorse who would otherwise be unable to afford coaching and bike trips in their own back yard. Although only having started business in the spring of 2018, in partnership with other organisations in Whitehorse, as of October 2018 we have been able to offer over 200 hours of free coaching to youth in our city. Our hope is to double that in 2019. Help us achieve our target and consider us as your tour or coaching provider on your next trip to our incredible Yukon Territory.


Dan Sams - Manager/Lead Instructor

Originally from the UK, Dan came to Canada to “ride the dream” in Whistler and hone his riding and coaching skills in mountain biking’s “Mecca”. With years of guiding, coaching and youth work under his belt in the UK, Whistler and Vancouver, he thought it was time to put those skills to use and take the leap into creating an independent business after moving with his wife and two boys to The Yukon Territory. He’ll help you dissect and rethink your riding style, putting it toward getting off the brakes and getting fast and loose on a trail.


Ben McPherson

A former pro-BMX rider from the Sunshine Coast, now a Yukon resident for over a decade, Ben’s skills and excellent bike control learned from years on a 20 inch wheel put him in good stead for the transition to 27.5 inches. He likes to keep said wheels in the air as much as possible. Dad of three and long time youth leader serving in the community of Whitehorse, Ben is as solid a mentor as he is bike rider. He’ll have you wanting to have as much fun on a bike as he does.

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Jared MacNeil

“Big Daddy Mac”, as he’s never been known, is surprisingly new to mountain biking. If you’ve ever ridden in his dust you would assume he was an old hand at the art of shredding single track. Through hard work and a lack of fear of hitting the ground he has become a rider that might make you lie about how many years you’ve been riding. Dedicated father of 3 girls and another long time youth leader in the local community, Jared wants to see young and old alike succeed with each crank of the pedal. As a Yukon local, there’s a chance he will silently judge you for wearing lycra and no flannel.

Andy Kerr

Andy moved from Whistler to Whitehorse (where he and manager Dan became friends) in November of 2018. With a new found love for the Klondike and his first time at Rondevous, he was inspired to grow a period correct moustache which astonishingly still resides above his lip. Some say it even has a name.

Facial hair aside, Andy is a fun loving and positive instructor and guide. A convert from the world of snowboarding, his ability to connect with young and old alike from any background is second to none. With years of instructing and youth work under his belt, Andy is fantastic addition to the team.

Isaac Allen

The young gun! No issues with facial hair here unless you count not having any as an issue… which we do. We let him off though as he’s fun to have around and gets the job done with a smile on his face. Isaac is fantastic with kids and leads them with maturity and integrity beyond his years. An avid outdoorsman, we look forward to having him on the team this year for our kids camps, bringing with him EMR and Wilderness first aid training along with great local knowledge.