Aurora Borealis Canoe and Fat Bike Tours

There are a lot of options when in comes to aurora tours (northern lights viewing) in whitehorse, what sets us apart? Adventure.

If you’re up for putting in a little effort and getting off the beaten track we can offer you the most unique northern lights viewing experiences in Whitehorse.

Aurora Canoe Tours

This fall we have already had some fantastic aurora displays in the Yukon, there’s no need to wait until winter to see them. Before the ice sets in on Lake Laberge, we’re offering night time canoe trips on a sheltered bay. Imagine floating on the water while the the aurora floats in the sky above you.

We provide you with headlamps and illuminated canoes as well as a safety boat following. We will paddle across the bay to a secluded viewpoint where we’ll have a fire pit with hot chocolate and marshmallows ready to be roasted. After watching the aurora we’ll make our short paddle back to where we launched and drive you back to your accommodation.

As with all northern lights tours in Whitehorse, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that you will indeed see the aurora borealis but our local guides do their very best to assess the aurora forecast to give you the best chance off seeing this incredible phenomenon. If you shouldn’t get the chance to see them, we hope that the experience of being out in a canoe in our Yukon wilderness after dark will still be a memorable one.

These tours are weather dependent, cloud cover, strong winds and an unpredictable freeze date can put pay to our plans, any tours booked in advance that are not able to carried out due to weather conditions will receive a full refund.

Winter brings more adventure opportunities…

Whitehorse Fatbike Tours

Whitehorse Fatbike Tours

Once the ice fully sets in, the canoes get packed away for the winter and then the fat bikes come out to play! If you’ve never ridden a fat bike before, the Yukon is the best place to experience the amazing traction these bloated mountain bikes posses. As well as offering daylight singletrack mountain fat bike tours, we’re taking them out on the lake at night to ride under the aurora on the thick ice of Lake Laberge. Our fully trained guides will provide an exciting opportunity for you to try cycling in a different light, ice thick enough to drive a truck o provides ample support for our late night adventures. As with our Canoe Aurora Tours, we’ll have fire, hot chocolate and marshmallows on hand to keep you warm as you gaze upon the lights.

Those of you who are keen to try this experience out should be of good physical fitness with good bike control skills. Bring the appropriate clothing for the temperature, if you have any concerns about the gear you have, please get in touch and we can provide you with a couple of rental options in Whitehorse.

Should the sky be overcast or the temperature below -25 celsius then we will not be offering the tour to avoid disappointment and cold related risks.

We hope you can join us this fall and winter on one of our unique adventures in Whitehorse!

Why hire a guide?

Why would you hire a mountain bike guide in Whitehorse or Carcross?

  1. Efficient use of time

    We’ve put in the leg work and figured out the best trails and the best routes in Carcross and Whitehorse to give you the best experience possible with the time you have visiting the Yukon. No taking a wrong turn or missing the trail head, just straight up single track fun!

  2. Safety

    Not only do our mountain bike guides know where they’re going but they have the training to back up their local knowledge. All guides have a minimum of Red Cross Advanced Wilderness First Aid and Level 1 PMBI mountain bike instructors training as well as emergency action plans for each riding location in our area. Senior guides also carry Inreach GPS location and satellite communication devices to make sure we’re always in touch when venturing out of cell coverage.

  3. Work on some skills

    Yes, yes, we know you’re an awesome single track shredder but hey, maybe you could ask us to help you get past a skill plateau. Whether you need to work on cornering speed or mastering drops we can help you polish up your skills set and get you riding faster.

  4. Fun!

    We’re pretty fun, we promise! Between Grey Mountain, Mount Mac and Montana Mountain, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear and if you’ve still got some energy left, we’ll hit up the hot springs at the end of a long day!

So, if your looking for the best activity in Whithorse or Carcross, reserve your mountain biking tour with Terra Riders now!

guides carry garmin inreach devices to make sure we’re always in touch, regardless of cell coverage

guides carry garmin inreach devices to make sure we’re always in touch, regardless of cell coverage

We can help you get past a skill plateau

We can help you get past a skill plateau

Whitehorse Kids & Youth Summer Mountain Bike Camps

Its only just turned February but in the hustle and bustle of family life parents seem to be setting their sights on the summer break earlier than ever. To ease your planning woes we have released our Whitehorse Summer Camp dates early.

Our summer 2018 calendar was just straight up biking for kids age 10 and over. This year we have opened up to those little ripper riders in the 7-9 age bracket.

Check out the three options for Terra Riders Camps in 2019 below.

Outdoor PEDucation Whitehorse Summer Camp (age 7-9)

We’ve found that a full 7-8 hours in the saddle isn’t super productive for the younger riders due to less stamina than older kids so this year we have designed an outdoor education style week. We‘ll mix in some outdoor & survival skills among a few lessons on the local geography, flora and fauna. Check out the schedule below for a typical week in our Outdoor PEDucation camp (see what we did there?)

Each day will start with a skills session in the bike park, Monday will be the longest to give the coaches time to assess each rider and place them into a group that matches their skill and endurance level and to help polish up their fundamental skills, helping to make the most of their week.

Bike skills lessons will also be held on the trail to help them learn how to apply them to trail rides. The schedule may differ from day to day depending on the weather.

Everyday we will do a trail ride and an outdoor lesson on route.

  • Monday: Map reading and Compass skills, GPS skills, plotting a path, setting waypoints etc

  • Tuesday: A visit to and ride around the Wildlife Preserve with lessons on animal migration

  • Wednesday: Shelter building, fire lighting (dependent on fire restrictions) using a "leave no trace" mentality.

  • Thursday: Plant identification and invasive species lesson

  • Friday: Basic flat water canoeing skills, knot tying and rope skills


Pedal & Paddle Mountain Bike Camp (age 10+)

Our Pedal & Paddle camps are 5 days long and focus most of our time developing riders skills and trail riding ability but midweek we switch it up to give the legs a rest by jumping in some canoes and exploring one of Whitehorse’s amazing waterway’s before heading out on our epic ride day in Carcross on Thursday.

The riders are split up into groups of 5 based on age, riding ability and fitness levels. We’ll do our level best to keep a maximum 5:1 rider to coach ratio to help maintain a safe and effective learning environment.

Riders can expect to hit up the best features and trails at Mount Mac, Pilot Mountain, Grey Mountain and Montana Mountain during our week of riding and paddling.


Pure MTB Camp

Our Pure MTB camps are as they sound, 4 days of pure un-interuptted mountain biking. Typically run during the week before or after a long weekend, riders will have the chance to learn new skills, polish existing skills and shred down some of the best single track in Whitehorse and Carcross. Expect to become a safer, more analytical and ultimate better and faster rider. Appropriate for riders who are capable of riding green to easy blue trails with a view to progress to more technical blue trails and features within the bike park. Groups will be split into two to allow for a range in riding ability and fitness.


Start Summer Right - Spring After School Clubs

Let us help you get your kids summer off to a healthy start; learning and developing fundamental riding skills to help them ride with more confidence and better judgement, register them with our spring after school bike club running from May 21st to June 13th for $199.

With Terra Riders, your kids don’t just go out for a ride, they will be coached and their riding developed to the next level. We follow proven teaching techniques from years of experience in youth work and out door instruction. Certified by the PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association) and as of February, the NCCP also (National Canadian Coaching Program).


What happens at a Terra Riders Whitehorse After School Club?

Good times, coaching and skill development to last a lifetime! We meet at Mount Mac Bike Park at 3:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’ll split into a couple of ability based groups of no more than 5 riders to 1 coach and focus on a fundamental skill each week or tying those skills together. Followed by a trail ride to put those skills to the test in real world trail situations. We can arrange rides to Mt. Mac from the Porter Creek area with advanced notice.

What do you need?

  • First and foremost, a well fitting helmet in good condition. No Lid - No Ride. Knee and elbow pads recommended.

  • A good and teachable attitude (if you can’t find one, we’ll help you look).

  • A mountain bike in good working order with 2 functioning brakes and tuned gears. It doesn’t need to be a race winning trail weapon but an unmaintained Canadian Tire special unfortunately won’t make the grade. If your not sure, take it into one of our fine Whitehorse bike shops, Icycle Sports or Cadence Cycles before club starts in the spring.

  • Appropriate riding gear for the weather. We ride whatever the weather so come prepared!

  • Either a Camelpak (or similar) or a drinks bottle full of water attached to the frame. A couple of snacks would be a good idea too.


Teaching Whitehorse children and youth to pursue an active lifestyle and maybe find a few athletes along the way.

Terra Riders ultimate aim is to help young people to develop their riding skills and fitness to help them find a fun and challenging way to keep them active for life. Fun is the name of the game with the side effect of making safer, faster riders who make better decisions on the trail. Occasionally though, real talent and drive shows itself in young riders. If they want to pursue mountain biking as a sport, we can help them chase that goal.

The following image from Sport Canada is a great visual for seeing the path to an “active lifestyle” or “training to win” and "being “competitive for life”. Either way your kids wants to go, with a Terra Riders after school club we’ll help you set on the right path.


10% Off 2019 Whitehorse Summer Camps for after school club participants

To show our appreciation, participants will receive 10% off one of our week long or day long summer camps in Whitehorse and Carcross in 2019. Choose from one or more of the following:

  • Advanced Mountain Biking Techniques and Trail Riding

  • Girls Only Bike Camp Whitehorse

  • Pedal and Paddle Combo Camp

  • Beginner Mountain Bike

  • Intro to Mountain Bike Day Camp

  • 7-9 Year Old Outdoor PEDucation


Tis the season to give a bike lesson - Christmas Sale

Terra Riders Locals Christmas Sale


It’s only 20 days til chubby old St. Nick squeezes through your HRV unit…

…and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for that special someone. Give them something they want this year! Maybe your husband needs some tips on how to keep up with you or your one mate who always goes over the handlebars is one concussion away from forgetting his name? Maybe you’re fed up with receiving socks for Christmas and would like to suggest this to the serial sock buyer as an alternative? These people and many others beside them are the perfect candidates for a 2 hour skills lesson from Terra Riders!

But mountain bike lessons in Whitehorse are for summer? Try an Intro to Fat Biking lesson.

We have the pleasure of riding year round using fat tire bikes. You’ve probably seen them around town and thought you’d love to try one but don’t fancy splashing out the cash to procure one. For the winter we are offering 2 hour “Intro to Fat Biking” lessons for Whitehorse locals to help you learn the differences of riding in snow from riding a regular mountain bike in the summer.

If you choose, we can also go through other elements of riding in the winter including; gear, pre-ride planning, setup, maintenance and the cold weather considerations.

Not a local? Don’t feel left out, we have plenty to offer those of you just visiting Whitehorse this winter! Head on over to our Winter Activities page to see whats on offer. Don’t see exactly what you want? get in touch and we’ll see if we can help you plan your perfect trip.

Sale Pricing (until December 25th)

Lessons bought as gifts will be sent a gift card so you can give something physical on the day!

For inquiries send us an email at or drop us a line at 604-906-1063

Intro to Fat Biking (offered until the snow melts)

With Rental - $105 per person (regular $135)

with own bike - $75 per person (regular $95)

Discounts available for groups of 3 or more

Spring Skills Lesson (once trails are firm/mid May until June 16th)

With own bike - $75 per person

With rental - TBA

Discounts available for groups of 3 or more


Summer spells the end of Mountain Biking in Whitehorse…?


Summer has come to an end and in the North, its time to hang up the mountain bike and hibernate… NOT! Hang up the mountain bike and bust out the Fat Bike!

If you’ve never ridden one of these monster truck wheeled, obese snow bikes then now is the time. Geometry is getting closer to a modern mountain bike with features like 1x drivetrains, tubeless tires, dropper posts, front suspension and even the occasional bike with a shock out back; its no longer the sport of diehard lycra clad cyclists but a legitimate way to extend your mountain bike season into a year round pursuit.

So what is Fat Biking like?

Obviously with all that extra rim and rubber rolling underneath you its never going to perform quite like your race-bred single track weapon. The increased rotating mass and rolling resistance will mean you have to put more effort through your pedals but hey, it makes you fitter and stronger for when its time to pull out those “skinny” 2.4 inch Minions.

That extra mass means turning is slower too and the low pressure (around 5psi in the snow) means the tires are always playing “catch-up” as you lean the bike. This may sound like negatives but it brings a new challenge to a sport you thought you had wrapped up.

Why you should try Fat Biking

Its fun

There are many legitimate forms of motorsport, Formula 1, Dakar Rally, Moto GP but why do Monster Truck Monster Jams keep selling out stadiums? Because pretty much everyone has an inner Red Neck that loves big tires with the ability to roll over anything! Its so much fun riding over surfaces and obstacles that you never thought of tackling on a regular bike


As mentioned before, not only will it keep you fit in the “off” season but it could actually build your cycling fitness and help you start the summer season stronger than ever. Bonus.

“Girls only want Boyfriends who have great skills” - Napoleon Dynamite

“Girls only want Boyfriends who have great skills” - Napoleon Dynamite


Even with those big fat silica tires, you’re never going to have the same levels of grip as a nice loamy trail in the summer which means technique is key!

If you’re intention is to shred snow packed trails then your cornering, braking and trail scanning skills can only get better by riding a fatty. Correct bike/body separation is key to keeping the bike rubber side down. If you’re not sure what that even means or you want to improve your technique then give Terra Riders a shout, we’ll have you railing snowy corners in no time.


A Fat Bike’s use isn’t restricted to just riding on snow so If you’re looking for a reason to convince your significant other that you should add “another” bicycle to your quiver then I have prepared the following list.

  • Hard Tail - You’ve always wanted a hardtail bike, now you can have a hard tail and a fat bike in one, its basic economy.

  • Sand - Those big ‘ol squishy tires work great in sand too! Live near a beach or vacationing in the Sahara next summer? It just makes sense.

  • Touring - If you’re considering a touring trip that will take you off the beaten path then Fat Bike could be a great option in-spite of the added rolling resistance. Those tires roll over pretty much anything and will get you through pretty much any surface you happen upon.

  • Winter Commuting - What better way is there to spend money than on something that may (or may not) lower your yearly commuting costs! Sure it might take 10 years to pay that off in gas money but who’s counting?


In Conclusion

Fat bikes are definitely a decent chunk of change so if you’re curious and would like to give it a go before splashing out, go ahead and give us a shout at Terra Riders and we can hook you up with an intro lesson and a bike for a few hours and you can make a more informed decision.

If you’re passing through Whitehorse or coming to check out the Northern Lights and would love to see our epic scenery from another point of view then shoot us an enquiry and we’ll see if we can provide you with a cycling tour that you’ll remember for life. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned rider, we have you covered.

Dan Sams