Fat Biking

Who needs trails...


Mountain biking in Whitehorse just got fat...

Come for a winter fat bike tour, on the trail and off, we'll show you the best vistas only the locals know and if you’re lucky, an unforgettable ride under the Northern Lights.

Bikes available or bring your own.


3-4 hour daylight tour - $169

3-4 hour Northern Lights tour - $179

Tours include transport, winter clothing required, visible northern lights cannot be guaranteed, minimum temperature is -25 degrees Celsius, bookings affected by weather will try to be rescheduled or refunded.


Snowshoe tours

experience serenity

Not keen on biking? Why not come and see the beauty of Whitehorse at a gentler pace while snowshoeing?

If you want to hike or just a walk on the lake, we can set the pace to your groups desire.

3-4 hour daytime snowshoe excursion to Lake Laberge - $139

3-4 hour Northern Lights excursion to Lake Laberge - $159