Aurora Borealis Canoe and Fat Bike Tours

There are a lot of options when in comes to aurora tours (northern lights viewing) in whitehorse, what sets us apart? Adventure.

If you’re up for putting in a little effort and getting off the beaten track we can offer you the most unique northern lights viewing experiences in Whitehorse.

Aurora Canoe Tours

This fall we have already had some fantastic aurora displays in the Yukon, there’s no need to wait until winter to see them. Before the ice sets in on Lake Laberge, we’re offering night time canoe trips on a sheltered bay. Imagine floating on the water while the the aurora floats in the sky above you.

We provide you with headlamps and illuminated canoes as well as a safety boat following. We will paddle across the bay to a secluded viewpoint where we’ll have a fire pit with hot chocolate and marshmallows ready to be roasted. After watching the aurora we’ll make our short paddle back to where we launched and drive you back to your accommodation.

As with all northern lights tours in Whitehorse, we unfortunately can’t guarantee that you will indeed see the aurora borealis but our local guides do their very best to assess the aurora forecast to give you the best chance off seeing this incredible phenomenon. If you shouldn’t get the chance to see them, we hope that the experience of being out in a canoe in our Yukon wilderness after dark will still be a memorable one.

These tours are weather dependent, cloud cover, strong winds and an unpredictable freeze date can put pay to our plans, any tours booked in advance that are not able to carried out due to weather conditions will receive a full refund.

Winter brings more adventure opportunities…

Whitehorse Fatbike Tours

Whitehorse Fatbike Tours

Once the ice fully sets in, the canoes get packed away for the winter and then the fat bikes come out to play! If you’ve never ridden a fat bike before, the Yukon is the best place to experience the amazing traction these bloated mountain bikes posses. As well as offering daylight singletrack mountain fat bike tours, we’re taking them out on the lake at night to ride under the aurora on the thick ice of Lake Laberge. Our fully trained guides will provide an exciting opportunity for you to try cycling in a different light, ice thick enough to drive a truck o provides ample support for our late night adventures. As with our Canoe Aurora Tours, we’ll have fire, hot chocolate and marshmallows on hand to keep you warm as you gaze upon the lights.

Those of you who are keen to try this experience out should be of good physical fitness with good bike control skills. Bring the appropriate clothing for the temperature, if you have any concerns about the gear you have, please get in touch and we can provide you with a couple of rental options in Whitehorse.

Should the sky be overcast or the temperature below -25 celsius then we will not be offering the tour to avoid disappointment and cold related risks.

We hope you can join us this fall and winter on one of our unique adventures in Whitehorse!