Start Summer Right - Spring After School Clubs

Let us help you get your kids summer off to a healthy start; learning and developing fundamental riding skills to help them ride with more confidence and better judgement, register them with our spring after school bike club running from May 21st to June 13th for $199.

With Terra Riders, your kids don’t just go out for a ride, they will be coached and their riding developed to the next level. We follow proven teaching techniques from years of experience in youth work and out door instruction. Certified by the PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association) and as of February, the NCCP also (National Canadian Coaching Program).


What happens at a Terra Riders Whitehorse After School Club?

Good times, coaching and skill development to last a lifetime! We meet at Mount Mac Bike Park at 3:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we’ll split into a couple of ability based groups of no more than 5 riders to 1 coach and focus on a fundamental skill each week or tying those skills together. Followed by a trail ride to put those skills to the test in real world trail situations. We can arrange rides to Mt. Mac from the Porter Creek area with advanced notice.

What do you need?

  • First and foremost, a well fitting helmet in good condition. No Lid - No Ride. Knee and elbow pads recommended.

  • A good and teachable attitude (if you can’t find one, we’ll help you look).

  • A mountain bike in good working order with 2 functioning brakes and tuned gears. It doesn’t need to be a race winning trail weapon but an unmaintained Canadian Tire special unfortunately won’t make the grade. If your not sure, take it into one of our fine Whitehorse bike shops, Icycle Sports or Cadence Cycles before club starts in the spring.

  • Appropriate riding gear for the weather. We ride whatever the weather so come prepared!

  • Either a Camelpak (or similar) or a drinks bottle full of water attached to the frame. A couple of snacks would be a good idea too.


Teaching Whitehorse children and youth to pursue an active lifestyle and maybe find a few athletes along the way.

Terra Riders ultimate aim is to help young people to develop their riding skills and fitness to help them find a fun and challenging way to keep them active for life. Fun is the name of the game with the side effect of making safer, faster riders who make better decisions on the trail. Occasionally though, real talent and drive shows itself in young riders. If they want to pursue mountain biking as a sport, we can help them chase that goal.

The following image from Sport Canada is a great visual for seeing the path to an “active lifestyle” or “training to win” and "being “competitive for life”. Either way your kids wants to go, with a Terra Riders after school club we’ll help you set on the right path.


10% Off 2019 Whitehorse Summer Camps for after school club participants

To show our appreciation, participants will receive 10% off one of our week long or day long summer camps in Whitehorse and Carcross in 2019. Choose from one or more of the following:

  • Advanced Mountain Biking Techniques and Trail Riding

  • Girls Only Bike Camp Whitehorse

  • Pedal and Paddle Combo Camp

  • Beginner Mountain Bike

  • Intro to Mountain Bike Day Camp

  • 7-9 Year Old Outdoor PEDucation