Whitehorse Kids & Youth Summer Mountain Bike Camps

Its only just turned February but in the hustle and bustle of family life parents seem to be setting their sights on the summer break earlier than ever. To ease your planning woes we have released our Whitehorse Summer Camp dates early.

Our summer 2018 calendar was just straight up biking for kids age 10 and over. This year we have opened up to those little ripper riders in the 7-9 age bracket.

Check out the three options for Terra Riders Camps in 2019 below.

Outdoor PEDucation Whitehorse Summer Camp (age 7-9)

We’ve found that a full 7-8 hours in the saddle isn’t super productive for the younger riders due to less stamina than older kids so this year we have designed an outdoor education style week. We‘ll mix in some outdoor & survival skills among a few lessons on the local geography, flora and fauna. Check out the schedule below for a typical week in our Outdoor PEDucation camp (see what we did there?)

Each day will start with a skills session in the bike park, Monday will be the longest to give the coaches time to assess each rider and place them into a group that matches their skill and endurance level and to help polish up their fundamental skills, helping to make the most of their week.

Bike skills lessons will also be held on the trail to help them learn how to apply them to trail rides. The schedule may differ from day to day depending on the weather.

Everyday we will do a trail ride and an outdoor lesson on route.

  • Monday: Map reading and Compass skills, GPS skills, plotting a path, setting waypoints etc

  • Tuesday: A visit to and ride around the Wildlife Preserve with lessons on animal migration

  • Wednesday: Shelter building, fire lighting (dependent on fire restrictions) using a "leave no trace" mentality.

  • Thursday: Plant identification and invasive species lesson

  • Friday: Basic flat water canoeing skills, knot tying and rope skills


Pedal & Paddle Mountain Bike Camp (age 10+)

Our Pedal & Paddle camps are 5 days long and focus most of our time developing riders skills and trail riding ability but midweek we switch it up to give the legs a rest by jumping in some canoes and exploring one of Whitehorse’s amazing waterway’s before heading out on our epic ride day in Carcross on Thursday.

The riders are split up into groups of 5 based on age, riding ability and fitness levels. We’ll do our level best to keep a maximum 5:1 rider to coach ratio to help maintain a safe and effective learning environment.

Riders can expect to hit up the best features and trails at Mount Mac, Pilot Mountain, Grey Mountain and Montana Mountain during our week of riding and paddling.


Pure MTB Camp

Our Pure MTB camps are as they sound, 4 days of pure un-interuptted mountain biking. Typically run during the week before or after a long weekend, riders will have the chance to learn new skills, polish existing skills and shred down some of the best single track in Whitehorse and Carcross. Expect to become a safer, more analytical and ultimate better and faster rider. Appropriate for riders who are capable of riding green to easy blue trails with a view to progress to more technical blue trails and features within the bike park. Groups will be split into two to allow for a range in riding ability and fitness.